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My passion lies in creating and making something both creative and delicious for every customer. I love doing custom cakes and celebrating milestones from a business open house to a special birthday to a holiday, I love to bring a customers ideas to life. I also fell in love with chocolate in culinary school and find great joy in creating delectible truffles from Swiss and Belgian Chocolates.


I recently graduated from Auguste Escoffier Culinary School in Boulder Colorado for baking and pastry arts. I have always loved the arts and creative outlets and since baking brought so much joy throughout my life, I felt that this career was the perfect marriage of all of my passions. Culinary School brought a journey that solidified that love and I am so fulfilled knowing that I am creating delicious pastries and art that bring people joy.

So what brought me to Winona? Following my schooling, I completed a wonderful internship with Meringue Bakery in La Crosse. With my mother here in Winona, my love for the people and the area made staying an easy choice. I love it here and I have been so grateful for all of the support for my small business. I hope to have the chance to get to know you as well!

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